Maralal, Samburu

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Samburu County is one of the 47 counties in the Republic of Kenya established under the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and is located in the ASAL region of the country. The County measures 21,022.10 Km2. It borders Turkana County to the North West, Baringo County to the South West, Marsabit County to the North East, Isiolo County to the East and Laikipia County to the South.

According to the 2009 Population and Housing Census, Samburu County has a population of 228,762 with a density of 10.9 persons per Square Kilometer. Given a population growth rate of 4.45 percent per annum, as opposed to the national growth rate of 3 percent, the County population is projected to increase to 399,378 by 2022 and 456,418 by 2025. Samburu County is subdivided into three (3) sub-counties (Constituencies) namely, Samburu West, Samburu
North, and Samburu East.

Eighty percent of the population practices pastoralism as economic livelihood. The county, however, boasts of diverse agro-ecological zones capable of supporting various agricultural activities. Tourism is also an important economic activity given rich wildlife presence and mountain ranges.

County Assembly of Samburu (CAS) was established after the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010. The first Assembly commenced in April 2013 with a lean Transitional Authority staff. It comprised of 27 Members including the Speaker. During the period under review, CAS has made remarkable strides towards fulfilling its mandate. Several legislations have been enacted some of which have enhanced the framework for oversighting county executive. An infrastructure
project for Assembly office space is ongoing. Towards organization development, the Assembly has developed and rationalized the staff establishment, most of which have now been filled through merit-based recruitment.

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