Maralal, Samburu

Legislative Mandate

County Assembly makes new laws, changes existing laws and repeals laws that are no longer needed. Laws can be made in different ways.

  • A bill (draft law) is introduced in the Assembly by a County Executive Committee Member, a Deputy County Executive Committee member, an assembly committee or an individual Member of the County Assembly (MCA).
  • Most bills are drawn up by county government department under the direction of the relevant Minister or Deputy Minister.
  • A bill introduced by a member of the executive must be approved by the County Cabinet before being submitted to Parliament for processing.
  • Bills introduced by individual MCAs are called private members’ bills. Before it can become a law, a bill must be passed by the County Assembly.
  • Once it has been introduced, a bill is referred to the relevant committee, where it is debated in detail and, if necessary, amended. If there is much public interest in a bill, the committee may organize public hearings.
  • Once the committee has finalized its deliberations on a bill, it reports to the corresponding House.
  • After the House has debated the bill, it takes a decision on whether to pass the bill. A bill could be referred back to the committee for further work before the House takes a decision.
  • If a bill passes through both the National Assembly and the NCOP, it is sent to the President for assent.
  • Once the President has signed a bill passed by the Houses, it becomes an Act of Parliament – a law of the land.
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