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Oversight Authority

Samburu County Assembly and Oversight
The true test of democracy in Samburu County is the extent to which the County Assembly can ensure that County Government remains answerable to the people. This is done by maintaining constant oversight (monitoring) of government’s actions. The County Assembly and its Committees have powers to summon any person or institution to give evidence or produce documents, and to report to them.
Constitutional Mandate
The Constitution states that County Assembly has the power to conduct oversight of all organs of the County Government.

What is Oversight?
Oversight is a function granted by the Constitution to the County Assembly to monitor and oversee County Government actions.
When exercising oversight, the County Assembly focuses on the following areas: · implementation of laws · application of budgets · strict observance of laws of the Assembly and the Constitution · Effective management of government departments.

Why is County Assembly’s Oversight Role Important?
By overseeing the actions of the County Government, County Assembly is able to ensure that service delivery takes place, so that all citizens can live a better quality life.
County Assembly Exercises Oversight for the Following Reasons: · To detect and prevent abuse · To prevent illegal and unconstitutional conduct on the part of the County Government · To protect the rights and liberties of citizens · To hold the county government answerable for how taxpayers’ money is spent · To make county government operations more transparent and increase public trust in the government.

The Oversight Role of the County Assembly
According to The County Government Act, 2012, the county assembly shall — · Vet and approve nominees for appointment to county public offices as may be provided for in this Act or any other law; · Perform the roles set out under Article 185 of the Constitution; · Approve the budget and expenditure of the county government in accordance with Article 207 of the Constitution, and the legislation contemplated in Article 220 (2) of the Constitution, guided by Articles 201 and 203 of the Constitution; · Approve the borrowing by the county government in accordance with Article 212 of the Constitution; · Approve county development planning; and · Perform any other role as may be set out under the Constitution or legislation. · (2) If a county assembly fails to enact any particular legislation required to give further effect to any provision of this Act, a corresponding national legislation, if any, shall with necessary modifications apply to the matter in question until the county assembly enacts the required legislation.

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